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Sunday School

Grow Together

Following Christ is not a solitary journey. We all benefit from belonging to a group of like-minded friends.

Our small-group Bible classes, or "Sunday School," aim to provide a welcoming environment in which we not only dig deep into the truth of scripture, we care and encourage one another through prayer, ministry, and fellowship (and possibly some coffee and donuts).  

Specifically, the Sunday School of Beech Haven Baptist Church builds GREAT COMMISSIONARIES by TEACHING the Bible to change lives, REACHING the lost with the Good News of Jesus and CARING for people through prayer, ministry and fellowship.

Sunday School begins at 9:15 AM. 
Classes are offered for all ages and stages of life.

Class Room Teachers
Nursery/Babies Bldg B 224 Kitty Thomas, Libby Coquitt
1's/2's Bldg B 226 Joann Davis, Cassie Brown, Linda Drewry
3's Bldg B 227 Jennifer Walker, Shaun Webb
4's Bldg B 228 Eric Novak, Courtney Burton, Karon Couch
Kindergarten Bldg C 236 Betty Moody, Joyce Bowen
1st & 2nd Grade Bldg C 240 Jeff Leggett, Sandi Franklin, Jason Booth
3rd Grade Bldg C 237 Donna Lackey, Sharon McKeithan
4th Grade Bldg C 239 Mary Hammond
5th Grade Bldg C 241 Amy Tolbert, Lynn Booth
6th-8th Grade Boys Bldg E 201 Mike Campbell, Dan Crumbley
6th-8th Grade Girls Bldg E 207 Carol Schimmel, Christy Thomas
9th-12th Grade Boys Bldg E 208 Squeaky Drewry
9th-10th Grade Girls Bldg E 202 Jessica Crews, Toni Sizemore
11th-12th Grade Girls Bldg. E 205 Roger & Joy Burrell
Coed 20's Bldg. B 110 Adam Wynn, Alan Kent
Coed 25-35 Bldg. B 215 Mike & Peggy Mauldin, Brent & Meredith Dykes
Coed 36-49 Bldg C 247 Charlotte Tolbert, Jim & Ellen Chittom
Coed 50-64 Bldg C 245 Royce Vaughn, Franklin Scott
Coed 65+ Bldg B 210 Bob Molleur
Coed 75+ Conference Rm Jean Henninger
Parents of Children & Youth Bldg E 101 Skipper Crews, Daniel Dooley, Dale Wallace
Working and/or Retired I Bldg C 248 Nancy Bruce
Working and/or Retired II Bldg B 205 John Stephens
College Bldg B 107 Greg & Heather Pittman
Median & Mature Single Adults Bldg C 250 Bill Favaloro
Men Bldg D, Back Rm Bud Kinney
Median Ladies Upper Room Linda Pickering, Georgia Scott, Susan Sheffield
Sun@6pm Adults of All Ages Bldg C 247 Chuck Ivey, Sherri Michelle Mills